Food Vacuum Bag Safety Hazards and Causes


1, plastic packaging and its hazards

The food vacuum bag has many advantages such as light weight, convenient transportation, no chemical chaos, easy production, and is widely used in food packaging. By adding a certain amount of auxiliary polymer materials such as antioxidants and preservatives to the plastic, it has a good protective effect on food. However, the surface of the plastic packaging is easily contaminated by dust and dirt, which causes food contamination. Unpolymerized free monomers such as ethylene and ethylbenzene in the plastic packaging will increase the risk of migration to food following the prolonged contact time, thereby causing food contamination. Plastic packaging products add non-disinfectants and plasticizers that are carcinogenic and teratogenic. The use of plastic packaging in large quantities increases the recycling pressure and pollutes the environment.

2, paper packaging and its harm

In recent years, paper packaging has been widely used in food packaging because of its advantages in various forms such as bags, boxes or cans, boxes, and the like. However, because paper packaging materials are mostly recycled from paper or paperboard, bacteria, chemical residues and some impurities are often attached to the output paper packaging, increasing the risk of paper packaging contaminating food. In addition, most of the brighteners and fluorescent chemicals used in paper packaging are potential sources of food contamination.

3, glass containers and their harm

Following the demand for diversified and personalized food vacuum bags, many glass containers made of silica are widely used in food packaging. In order to increase the gloss of glass containers, manufacturers often add arsenic and antimony. As a clarifying agent, it even increases lead. In addition, glass containers of various colors are also used for containers for food packaging, in which food is contaminated with substances such as silica which are easily dissolved by glass.

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