Brand Packaging Design


In China, it has long been said that the packaging is over-the-counter: in order to maintain products during the flow, convenient storage and transportation, and promote sales. However, these are not enough for the planner. The planner's understanding of the inner packaging is far from being interpreted by the terms of the text. The original function of the package is to wrap the product, which is to maintain the product's effect and easy to carry.

The task of packaging planning has undergone serious changes with the development of the economy, extending from a single use function to the function of multi-layer marketing. This is about the merchants, after packaging planning, to promote the brand, improve the competitiveness of the product, strengthen the characteristics of the product, and establish the image of these logos. From the customer's point of view, together, I also expect a kind of aesthetic enjoyment in addition to consumption.


Therefore, the planning of packaging shoulders many tasks, one is the product's own needs; the other is the intention of the merchant to achieve the promotion of products through packaging; the third is the further aesthetic requirements of the consumer on the packaging.

In theory, this is a unified one. Planning is not only part of the production process, but also an important part of consumption. When the customer is purchasing the product together, the product is also paid for the packaging of the product, and after all, the packaging of the product is consumed. In addition to consuming the product itself, the customer also consumes its packaging planning, display planning, advertising planning, and so on. The cost of these plans will ultimately be included in the price of the product. Every customer has a plan in the form of multiple hours of customers.

The planning of packaging is an inductive system work, which will be branded, trademark, text information, drawings, colors, shapes, materials and other elements. This is also the local area where Huiyuan Printing is mature.

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